Is MyWebFace For Real?

Is mywebface for realz?

This is another question that I get alot from friends.

Mywebface is tons of fun and isn't just a bunch of viruses like some people say. It's a toolbar that you download to your web browser, it's really easy to use. It's a really fun way to make a cartoon picture of yourself, just like you see from the ads. For any reason that you don't like it, or your parents don't want you using, just uninstall's that easy.

Top 10 Ways To Make Yourself A Cartoon

  1. MyWebFace: Of course, my most favorite way to make a cartoon for yourself!

  2. Portrait Illustration Maker

  3. WeeWorld
  4. Meez

  5. Simpsonize Me

  6. Yahoo! Avatars
  7. BeFunky

  8. Buscar Messenger
  9. Cartoon Me

  10. Joystiq Mii characters

Free MywebFace?

Is MyWebFace Free? This was the question from my friend who was over at my house. YES! It's totally free to use and upload to your messengers and social networks. They never charge you for it on your credit card, or send you a bill in the mail. It's not a free trial either. They don't let you use some of the game and then stop before you can finish, it's totally free for you to use. No worries.

Click the picture above if you want to get started with creating your own mywebface avatar.

MyWebFace Home

So, I have people ask me what you can actually use mywebface for. They understand that you can make a cartoon picture of yourself but there not sure what you can do with.

When you install MyWebFace you can create your very own cartoon, and then you can upload that to your messneger (like AIM or Yahoo Messenger or MSN) or you can even add your cartoon to Myspace or Facebook. They make it really easy too, you just tell them where you want your cartoon to go.

MyWebFace Download

Downloading MyWebFace is a pretty simple process. There's nothing too complicated about it, all you have to do is click on this picture that shows what you can look like before and after you cartoon yourself:

That then takes you to MyWebFace where you can download the really cool program. It just takes a couple of minutes and you can make yourself into a cartoon whenever you want. If you for any reason think that its not what you wanted, no problem. you can just uninstall mywebface -- and all you have to do to make that happen is to go to the add/remove programs function from your computer. It's all that easy.

MyWebFace MyWebSearch

OMG! Some people just need to STFU. If I hear one more person talking about how mywebface mywebsearch is some big bad virus, I'm going to have to kick someone in the nuts!

Do these people not notice that all of those mywebface ads are like ALL OVER. Not just google, but facebook too. Do you really think that those people are going to let them show ads if it's just a virus? No...that's just dumb.

Yes mywebface comes with a toolbar on your browser, that's not some big surprise. they tell you that from the start. but what big evil does this toolbar do? um...just about nothing. AND GUESS WHAT? If you don't like it, if you think it's some evil squirel trying to eat your nuts (that's the second time I mention might Have a problem), then just UNINSTALL the program.

It's not rocket science. And for the record, when I install MyWebSearch on my computer at home, it doesn't give me some super bad virus, or make my computer slow, or even steal my identify and charge up thousands of dollars in guessed it.. ALMONDS. You thought I was going to say nuts, huh? Well, almonds is a type of nut. i guess you were sorta right.

Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon

I like to tell my friends about MyWebFace because it's a really cool way to turn yourself into a cartoon. Not for reals, but you know what I mean...although that would be pretty dope. You'd go to some website and it would turn you into a cartoon, can you imagine that? Well, here you have tons of options on how you want your cartoon to look.

It's a lot like the process of creating a Mii on the Wii. I love my Wii, don't even get me started! It's one of those things that you play like 24/7 when you first get it, but with time you start to forget about it. Well that's not happening with me as much. I try to have my friends that also have Wii's come over like once a month. That way, we can share all of our new games and stuff like that. Besides, Wii's were totally made for groups of people. Sometimes you feel kind of dumb when it's just you and your Wii and your throwing your arms up in the air, like if someone saw you they'd think you were crazy. ANYWAYS, i'm totally off topic.

I was telling you about how to take a picture of someone, or just of yourself, and turn that into a cartoon avatar. It's better if you have a picture, than just trying to remember from memory. Just cuz sometimes you forget certain things. Especially when you have so many options on how to make the avatar different. Like, they have a hundred different types of noses. How are you supposed to remember what kind of nose your friend, or mom, or whatever, has? Trust. just use a picture.

MyWebFace Reviews

Obviously, I think MyWebFace is the hottest thing since sliced bread...well, maybe not that great. But still! It's a really cool thing to check out, and I love making cartoons of myself, and cartooning my friends. Since it's pretty easy to upload the pictures that I make to Facebook, I just tag my friends and they get to see it.

That's why so many of my friends ask me if I really like MyWebFace...and if it's legit! So, yeah. I really do like it. It's not revolutionary or anything, but it's one of the best cartoon makers out there. And I like that they have tons of accessories that you can add to your cartoon. That's sometimes what really makes or break the cartoon. You might be able to really make a cartoon that looks like your friend, but once you add those really cool headphones because they're a DJ...yeah, that's the shiznit.

Cartoon Yourself

Ever wanted to create a cartoon of yourself? Well, now you can make a cartoon mywebface!

You get to choose what type of hair, eyes, mouth, nose, clothes, and even accessories. Best of all, it's super easy to take the cartoon that you make of yourself and use it as your default picture on FaceBook, MySpace, or your blog.

IMO, it's the most fun when you make a cartoon of your friends. You get to play around with it and give them a funny look, but it's still really looks like them. Check MyWebFace out!

Cartoon Yourself with MyWebFace

This is the avatar of Ms.Wright, a 9th grade Literature teacher. She decided on making this avatar at MyWebFace since it's a great way to protect your identity on the internet. Instead of posting pictures of yourself, you can cartoon yourself and let your avatar represent you.

I wish my 9th grade teachers were this cool!

If you wish to download MyWebFace, click here.

Is MyWebFace Dangerous?

Lots of my friends have asked about MyWebFace and if it's dangerous. They've seen ads for it all over MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube. Yes, it is a download that places a toolbar on your browser. But, No, it's not dangerous. It's 100% Safe. There's no spyware or adware. 

The company that owns MyWebFace also owns lots of other internet sites like Zwinky & SmileyCentral. This company also owns HUGE companies like Ticketmaster and eHarmony. They're not going to do anything that's illegal, it's all 100% SAFE. If at anytime you feel that you want to remove the program, you just have to uninstall it from your Add/Remove Programs. 

It's not a virus like I've heard some people say. Some people say it slows down their computer. No, your computer was slow before you downloaded it. It's not a virus. If you think it is, just uninstall it. It comes right off your computer, and nothing is changed.

Cartoon Yourself for MySpace, Facebook, Hi5 & More!

There's a couple different ways to Cartoon Yourself! Here are some of your options:

  • Using MyWebFace, of course! IMO, the very best avatar creater out there!

Now, go out and Cartoon Yourself!

Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon!

What would you look like if you were a cartoon? Well, Mauri figured it out using!

What's Your MyWebFace?

Karen starting having fun with MyWebFace and came up with all of these great cartoons! I'd love to share all of the other cartoons that are possible with! Send them my way and I'll post them.

MyWebFace For Macs

You've probably seen all those "Turn yourself into a cartoon" ads on Facebook & MySpace lately. It all sounds really cool, unless you're a Mac user! Most of my friends had to find out the hard way that OS X isn't supported.